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Top quality snooker cues UNIQUE cues are now available in market. All UNIQUE cues are manufactured in Thailand. UNIQUE cues are made out of the best quality timber and hand made by professional craftsman.To maximize stability and highest performance, we have selected superior quality brass joints for our 2-piece cues.
We guarantee UNIQUE snooker cues are one of the top quality snooker cues among those famous brand snooker cues in the world.
Below listed professional snooker players of China are now using
UNIQUE snooker cues:
Cao Kaisheng
Rank no.3 of China Professional Snooker Players in year 2006
Li Yan
Champion of China Youth Snooker Players Competition in 2006
Yang Qingtian
Champion of China Professional Snooker Players Competition in 2005
Li Hang
2nd runner-up of World Youth Snooker Players Competition in 2005
High quality genuine leather UNIQUE cue cases (Made in THAILAND)
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